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Generative AI and Midjourney - How text becomes a paintbrush

An examination of how Midjourney and Image Generators work, with examples and prompts for you to try.

Large Language Models will become the heart of all software

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are starting to replace the logic sections of some software. The LLM is hidden from the user and only interacts with the application. I think this is the start of a trend that will affect all software in the future.

Embedding, LangChain, and the customised AI future

Newsletter for the week ending 8th April 2023

Wolverine brings hands free coding and the AI backlash begins.

Highlights from AI in the news, week beginning 26th March 2023.

Sam Altman on the interview circuit and GPT-4 announces Plugins

Sam Altman the CEO of Open AI, makers of ChatGPT, has been doing interviews following the release of GPT-4. Open AI have also announced Plug-Ins for GPT-4.

GPT-4 A brain shaped machine made out of wires

GPT-4 is a computer program that can understand and generate text. It can handle long texts and has improved accuracy compared to its predecessor. It can be used for creating long-form content, having extended conversations, and analyzing documents and images.

Red Teaming Group of hooded hacker figures on a red background holding computers

Red teaming is a process of testing or evaluating the security of an organization or system by simulating an malicious activity from an adversary. In the context of AI, it refers to crafting prompts to make the AI perform task that it should not be able to do.


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