A brain shaped machine made out of wires


GPT-4 is a computer program that can understand and generate text. It can handle long texts and has improved accuracy compared to its predecessor. It can be used for creating long-form content, having extended conversations, and analyzing documents and images.

Key Points

  • GPT-4 is the fourth iteration of Open AI's Large Language Model (LLM).
  • A new key feature is that it is "multi-modal", which means it can understand both text and images. This means understand what is in a picture and express logical ideas about it. Eg. It could see a picture of a tethered helium baloon, and undertand that the baloon would rise if the string was cut.
  • It has improved guardrails to prevent things like unwanted content generation. Eg. It will refuse to tell you how to make a bomb.
  • It has a special 'System Message' that can be sent along with your query. This system message can tell GPT-4 how to behave when responding to any queries asked of it. E.g. You could set the system message to tell GPT-4 that it's name was PirateGPT and that it must respond to any queries like a pirate talking.

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